Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Goats, kid pics and more kids!

Well, just a few hours ago Doris kidded to quads, but one was DOA :(. The other 3 are doing great, one buckling and 2 doelings. I'll have to get some pictures and do another blog post with their story!

For this post though. . . Tuesday we were given more goats! A Nubian buck, who can be registered (his registration app. should be here Saturday), then 2 does that are Saanen/Alpine and 2 of their babies last year out of the Nubian buck, and then 1 little doe kid that was nursing on one of the older does. All are in great health, although they do need their feet trimmed (don't mind that!).

So here's some pictures. . .

The buck's name is Hershey, and he has quite the hairdo - he outdoes all our other bucks in that department! He is also very friendly and likes to play, and isn't too bossy (I *do* *not* like bossy bucks, LOL).

quite the hairdo!

This is Clara. She is supposed to be due in a week or two, and sure does look like it.

This is Heide. She is the mom to the little kid. We pulled the kid off the other day and so far, Heide is doing great in the milking department! Very easy to milk also! What a blessing. She's a bit shy, but should warm up to us humans quickly.

This is Hannah. We were told she kidded a few weeks ago but lost the kid.

And this is Zelda. I'm sure she's probably bred also because they have been running with the buck (not anymore!). She also needs those scurs banded... and that's fine, we have some experience with that ;).

whoops. . . and this is the baby! She doesn't have a name yet, but is finally learning to nurse on the bottle although she still hates me, LOL! I think she's pretty cute ;).

And for kid pictures, here are the 4 "older" doelings (they were the only doelings, besides the above doe kid, until Doris had her kids this afternoon!). Buckling pictures will wait until the next post (by the way, if you are looking for a nice buck kid, email me!!).

LaWanda's twins. They are most likely leaving Saturday morning along with Athena's doe kids below.

Athena's two doelings... the white one is pretty cute, huh?!

Well, time to go. . . have to try and convince the new buckling to finish his bottle and then I've got to milk. We now have 11 does in milk.

Have a great evening!