Saturday, October 13, 2012

31/21 - Voting this November

Most Americans think they only have 2 choices in the Presidential election this year - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, that is true for anyone my state, Oklahoma. Write in votes and 3rd party candidates are not allowed in the Presidential election. Fortunately, in many other states write ins and 3rd party candidates are allowed.

So, there will only be 2 choices for President on my ballot this November. What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to vote for Romney and hope for the best? Am I supposed to vote for Obama for another 4 years of the same?

I am told if a conservative doesn't vote for Romney, that it is a vote for Obama. But that is complete hogwash. A no vote is simply a no vote. It is a vote for neither candidate! I don't know what is so complicated about that.

I believe that our soldiers need to come home, that we need to stop droning innocent civilians in the Middle East, that we need to stop being the bullies of the world. I believe that the Federal Reserve must be audited and done away with, and we need sound money. I believe that our government needs to be returned to how our Founding Fathers built it - a government BY the people, FOR the people. Not a government by Goldman Sachs and for the benefit of the bankers. 

I also care that our government is lawless, and could care less about the real law of our land, our Constitution. I care for our rights as given to us in the Bill of Rights, and how they are quickly being taken away. I care for the lives of innocent babies who are murdered by the thousands before they even see the light of day. I care for the families in Pakistan, Yemen and the countries around them who are 98% of the victims who are killed and maimed by our ruthless drone strikes. I care for our soldiers who are dying, either by committing suicide or in one of these worthless wars.

To make it short, it boils down to one simple four letter word - love.

So, if I really believe all of the above, there is currently NO candidate running who stands for those principles. Mitt Romney and Barak Obama clearly do not stand for those any of those principles, regardless of what they say. Actions speak a lot louder than words. They obviously love money and do not love the people of their own country.

Our current policies are bankrupting us and many lives are being ruined and lost for no good reason at all. But wait, we have to get Obama out right? Obama has been a horrible President. But who can we replace him with? Romney certainly is no better. They agree on nearly every National policy and on many, many other policies. The one thing many mainstream Americans think they are different on is healthcare. Romney wants to repeal and replace ObamaCare, right? So everything must be great then if he's going to repeal it? Oh wait, he said repeal and REPLACE it. Romney actually wrote what ended up being the blueprint for ObamaCare! So we see that the healthcare argument is not one to set them apart.  

In fact, I think Romney might actually be a whole lot worse for us than Obama. Here's a few reasons why written by a Facebook friend.

"Why would four more years of Obama be better than 8 years of Romney? (note: I support neither and will vote for neither)

Because 4 years of a lying, big government, neo-liberal, Keynesian is better than 8.

Because he will possibly kill (slightly) less people in unconstitutional wars of aggression.

Because if Romney wins the economy will most likely crash and die under the banner of capitalism instead of Fabian socialism. This would be very bad for real free market capitalists.

Because a democratic president with a republican congress is the best possible outcome for those of us who actually want the government to do less not more.

Getting a Republican into office in 2020 after Romney running this country for 8 years will be nearly impossible. At that point the American people will elect a REAL socialist tyrant."

Obviously I won't be voting for either of them. That means I will not be voting in the Presidential election this year. What if I was in another state and could write in? First and foremost, I would write in Ron Paul. He stands for all the principles I believe in. That is a wasted vote though, right? Well, a vote is never wasted if you are voting for principle. As John Adams said,

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

Voting for the lesser of 2 (or 3) evils is really a wasted vote because it does not bring any good change. Why vote for the lesser of 2 evils? Why waste your vote that way and not benefit your country at all?

What about 3rd Party candidates though? There are actually many people running for the Presidential office. The Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the Constitution Party and the Justice Party all have elected their candidates. While I think it's a great effort to try and get 3rd Party candidates elected, just face it - we are stuck in a 2 party system.

 But, by all means, if a 3rd party candidate stands for the principles that you believe in, then vote for them. I hate the argument that you shouldn't because "they can't win". Again, it's about standing on and voting on your principles, not wether you think your candidate can win or not. Because if no one voted for them, then obviously they can't win. 

If everyone voted on principle and not for the lesser of the evils, our country wouldn't be in the mess it is in. So this November, I will be voting for the local good candidates, and leaving the rest blank.



Hanunyah said...

(even though I can't vote) I agree 100%! Great article, sis!