Friday, October 12, 2012

31/21 - Medicating Bucks & the Rain

Today it rain... it poured. The bucks needed to be wormed, copper bolused and given BoSe. I decided to go do it in the rain. There is a benefit to doing all that in the rain - the bucks will just stand in the barn and not run out, since they don't want to get wet. So that's nice. The downfall? Me and my little sister got soaking wet, and smelled like stinky bucks. It seems like they smell a whole lot worse when it's wet outside. When we came in the house, we were told we smelt so bad.

BUT, I am thankful for the rain, for getting a much needed stinky job done, and for showers so I don't smell anymore ;).

I am also thankful for some beautiful hay brought down by our wonderful hay man,

a healthy baby donkey,

yummy cookies

and for a very beautiful place to live,

Life is good.