Friday, October 5, 2012

31/21 - Chilly day in Oklahoma

It's a chilly day here in northeastern Oklahoma. I didn't get to do chores last night or this morning due to my wisdom teeth being removed. The pain meds are working pretty well, but my face is still very sore and swollen. I look like a chipmunk.

Everyone else is doing their normal chores, doing my chores for me and hanging out with my grandparents who are visiting. Right now they are all actually sitting around eating homemade ice cream and debating weather they should start a fire in the fireplace. My funny family.

Osiyyah, my little brother, is bouncing around the house with the rest of the kids. Learning to read, doing school, eating lunch, playing with the animals and cleaning the house. Even tho Osiyyah has had a few delays due to him having Down Syndrome, we just bring him along like anyone else and expect him to keep up. We've almost always treated him that way. I think it has really helped him achieve a lot. If we just treat him just like the other kids, he just feels like one of the bunch and will try hard to do his best. And really, he does a lot.

Well, I'll leave you with a picture of my chipmunk face. See ya later.