Saturday, October 20, 2012

31/21 - Boer Kids

We bought these 2 does about 4 months ago. They looked very big and pregnant at the time and we thought they would kid soon. Well, finally, 4 months later they did. Goats are only pregnant for 5 months, so they were only a month along when we bought them surprisingly.

These Fall babies are a nice surprise though. My last bottle baby, Trauma, is just about weaned now. She still gets a little bottle just because... she's special! She is 7 months old, so plenty old enough to be weaned. Most likely we won't have any more bottle baby goats until mid-January and through the November-early January I'll start to get bottle baby fever :).

Since these are Boer kids though, they are left on their mom and are not bottle raised, since their mom's are not on the milk string. But, even though they are not bottle babies, they are a nice Fall surprise nonetheless.




Anonymous said...

Baby goats are the best kind of surprises!