Monday, October 22, 2012

31/21 - Buddy Walk Photos!

The 2012 DSAT Buddy Walk was a success, and I had a good time hanging out with my family. I also took over 300 pictures with the Nikon camera. So, here's a bit of the pictures taken yesterday.

My mom and one of the mascots,

some of my family,

a lady singing the National Anthem - she had a great voice!

Some of the DSAT Buddies. They are all individuals with DS that are over 16.

This year our team name was O's Freedom Fighters,

Me and my friend, Hannah,

The walk was much better this year. We walked on the road. There were so many people! The DSAT Buddy Walk is the 6th biggest in the nation out of 250 nationwide Buddy Walks!

My weird friends biting their medals,

My sister, Qadoshyah, being a weirdo as usual and dancing around to some slow music.

 A place with music? We can't miss a time to line dance!

O getting a pony ride,

Yo riding a pony,

Erin, one of the main organizers of the DSAT Buddy Walk. She does a great job, it takes so much work to put an event this big together.

Mama Young and Mama Fish,

 They even had monkey cages! Just kidding. Since the Young family (Tahlequah's Sign Shop) did all the banners and signs, we helped take them down as well.

Jojo taking some signs down... what a goofball.

O playing a game,

Another one of Q dancing,