Thursday, October 11, 2012

31/21 - Buddy Walk in 10 days!

Today it's October 11th. That means it's only 10 days until the yearly Buddy Walk!

What's a "Buddy Walk"?? Well, since October is National Down Syndrome awareness month, every October all across the United States there are events held that are called Buddy Walks. They are put on by the local Down Syndrome associations. Our's is put on by the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa (DSAT). The event is sponsored by many big companies. Basically it is an event to raise awareness and education about DS. There is games, food, speakers, music, etc.

This is the 10th year that the Tulsa association has held a Buddy Walk, and it is one of the largest and most successful in the nation. If you are near Tulsa on October 21st, stop by and say hello!