Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31/21 - My thoughts for the day

I'm sitting here in our house on the ranch, thinking about what to write today. I had a few ideas, but I'll have to save those ideas for another day. I had to edit some videos this morning, one of a music video I made from around the ranch.

I am uploading more videos to my computer from our camera as I type this from a rally that we danced, sung and spoke at last night. The music keeps making me loose my train of thought.

It's a beautiful, sunny Fall day. The house is pretty quiet. The dogs are snoring taking afternoon naps. Most of the family is either out working or up at the hill visiting our grandparents. The goats are either sunbathing or out in the pasture. The big pregnant donkey is still big and pregnant.

I get to look forward to getting my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow. I most likely won't feel great and will have to miss milking and chores a few times, but oh well.

But, as I sit here and type this, I think. Life is good. We are very, very blessed. We are alive and well. I live on a ranch. We still can do what we want (for the most part). The weather is gorgeous, the sky is blue, a breeze is blowing, the goats are happy, the ponies are grazing, nobody is hungry.

Don't take life for granted. Thank God for what you have today. One day, it may all be taken away from you.