Sunday, October 31, 2010

31/21: Last Day

Guess what? Today is October 31st. That means it is the last day for the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge... Raising Awareness, One Blog at a Time!

I hope you've enjoyed my every day blog posts for the past month, even though sometimes they are not very exciting ;).
 Yesterday my sister Qadoshyah, did a post on her blog of 21 things about Osiyyah that make him unique and that she is thankful for. I have to agree with it!

I am so thankful that God gave us Osiyyah. He is such a special little man. He has grown and changed since he was little, but one thing has stayed the same - he makes us laugh at something every day, so many times a day!

Even though this "challenge" will be over, I'll still post on my blog :). . . just maybe not every single day!

Right now I am figuring out due dates for does and who REALLY needs to be bred, so I'm going to go. Have a good day.



Adelaide Dupont said...

Good luck with the due dates.

I have a calendar in my diary which shows the due dates.

Hope the laughing never stops!