Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breeding does

Last night there were probably about 7-8 does along the fence line, all in heat. So at 10:30pm, Mom convinced me to go out and breed a few of them. I bred Vanilla (Nubian) to the new LaMancha buck, Ranger. Grandma Maggie (Nubian) to our Nigerian Dwarf buck, Berry - he did it, whoohoo! And I totally cheesed out on this one - I was suppose to breed little Maggie (2nd gen Mini Nubian doe) to my 3rd gen buck, Topaz. But I forgot to bring my breeding chart out with me, and totally forgot I even had Topaz as a breeding buck, so I bred to her Parker - a 1st gen buck. When I got back in the house, I remembered and was kicking myself (okay, not really...). SO, either I'll leave her and just have 2nd gen kids born, or lute her and breed her to Topaz for 3rd gen kids. We'll see. . . not that big of a deal I guess.

So now, we have 13 does bred. A little slower/later than usual this season, but it's getting done, finally. There's 2 due in January, 6 in February, and 7 in March.

It's already November, can you believe it?? It totally feels like Fall here. . . cool, breezy, the leaves are falling. I really need to get outside with a camera and take some pictures.

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Brenda said...

Having several bucks and a breeding plan is good. It helps you focus your direction with the herd. I have my does separated into group pens so I can put the buck in with the group I want him to breed. That works the best for me. Otherwise I'd probably miss one in heat or forget which buck to use with which doe.

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

Well, that was easy! So it seemed reading. What's the best age to use a buck for breeding? How early are they ready? Mine will be 5 months Nov 22. Will they be ready for the job (that is if the crimping didn't work) in Dec/Jan?

Good Goats said...

Diane, bucks can breed as early as 5 months old. . . really as soon as they'll do it. Some are a little slower than others and won't breed till they are a year old. It really just depends on the buck. And it sounds like yours should be ready in Dec/Jan. . . they might be a little slow, just give them some time.