Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We sure had a busy day yesterday! In the morning we went and picked up some Yaks (click here to find out what a yak is!) - 2 Royal bulls (a Royal Yak is a yak with white). We then toured this guy's place - very interesting! He had bison, white bison, tons of yaks, zebras, a Watusi bull, a camel. Then over in the zoo area he had giraffes, lions, tigers - all kinds of stuff. So, we loaded the Yaks (who are mean, by the way) and went home.

At home we had this huge boar hog who we've been keeping for a guy named Steve. Steve runs a big ranch in Oklahoma. It is called Triple S Wildlife Ranch and Resort. It is the largest exotics ranch in Oklahoma.

So we loaded the hog, loaded everyone and headed a few hours south to Steve's place. When we got there, we unloaded the hog - ours was the brown one in the photo below.

Then we unloaded the crazy Yaks,

After that, we went out the gate and down to another little place and loaded 20 ewes. So now we have 35 sheep. We hung out in the lodge (very cool!) for a bit and then headed back home - didn't get home till late, the goaties weren't too happy about that but they're fine ;)!

Here are a few random pictures that have been taken the past few days. . . sorry, didn't get any goat pictures ;).

Some of my sister's little bunnies,

That is one wide sheep! Supposedly she is not due till January some time, but I just think she might "pop" before that!

A bunch of little piggies!

Canuck and Caleb,

This is a new sheep that we got the other day - traded one of our ewes. This is a Tunis sheep. I think they're pretty neat looking!

Well, I better go. Have a good day!



Brenda said...

Adventure is right! Sounds like a pretty cool day with all the different animals. Your new sheep are pretty. I'm thinking about adding sheep to my little farm here.

Good Goats said...

Yah, sheep are really nice - they don't eat much at all, really! And they stay fat :)!