Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini Donks!

I guess we can't go long without adding something more to the ranch! Yesterday I saw an ad for this exotic animal rescue place, and they had a bunch of animals to adopt out. There was a llama, but she was already taken, and then there were these 2 female Mini Donkeys! So, we went today and picked them up. They are SO cute, and totally sweet! We don't know how old they are, but they don't look really old to me.

When we were there, the guy told us that they were both housed with a stallion Zebra for 6 months, so we need to watch for ZeDonk babies!! Yikes. . . the littler one really does look pregnant, but he said it probably wouldn't be till Spring.

Mom is saying we should name then Jenny and Janet. . . very original, but it'll probably stick.

the little one. . . she is so friendly and was just following me around.

the below two pictures are the bigger one. She is very sweet, and isn't as "mouthy" as the other one ;).

Gotta go milk. . .



Patient Acres said...

Oh, we love them around here :-)

Did you know that donkey gestation is 12-13 MONTHS????

Good Goats said...

Yah I saw on your blog a while back that you all got some too!! Speaking of, I haven't been to your blog in a while... gotta stop in ;).

I did not know that, but went a looked it up afterwards. . . yikes! I was assuming they were 11 months like a horse...

Patient Acres said...

If they are bred - - THE WAITING BEGINS........ :)

Can't wait for donkey foals (we might have 1 in June /July)!!!!!