Friday, November 26, 2010

It's officially COLD!!

Well, I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! We did!

This past week has been incredibly busy, and I really wasn't expecting it to be this busy but it's been great and we've had a good time with everyone!

Wednesday it was warm, in the 70's. Then yesterday morning we woke up to ICE on everything. . . BRR!!! It's all melting today though. But with the first cold front here, I want to dry more does off. . . 14 is too many, LOL! In a week or two we'll see what I can get down to.

All the animals are doing pretty well. Except for Dancer, the Alpine buck that has had so many issues. We are sending him back to the breeder we got him from. I really hope they can help him, I have done everything I can think of and he is just SO thin. He gets grain, free-feed hay, etc. etc. Anyway. . .

I don't have any pictures - sorry! I don't think anyone got any pics of everything encased in ice, but that's alright because I'm sure we'll get another ice storm later this year. It's not too fun, but everything is so pretty afterwards - it looks like there are crystals everywhere!

Well, I better get off of here and get to cleaning the house and let the "girls" out to pasture before more it gets too busy around here.

Have a great weekend!