Sunday, August 16, 2009


Not too much to update on. A couple days ago I made my first batch of butter from the cow milk, but it was only a little bit as I got a little bit of cream (and the "milk" I used to skim the cream off of was half milk/half colostrum :)!). But, now I have a good amount of cream warming on the counter to make more butter with.

We have not bred anymore does yet - I think 6 does in one week was enough ;). I am hoping the next "round" will come in in a week or two and breed them for mid-late January kids.

Friday we went to the local (Leach, OK) livestock auction. Got a couple of piglets to raise up and resale later, one young sow to butcher for us in a few weeks, and one older boar to butcher for the dogs.

Here's (finally!) a picture of the calf born 5 days ago. This is when she was just brand-new.

Have a great day,