Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photos, and update

(I'm bad at titles :)). Just giving a quick update on things around here. We have not bred anymore does yet... the "second round" has not come in heat yet. We had a lot of rain last week, which was really nice for the pasture!

We got the milk machine new pulsator and it's working, praise the Lord! It came Friday afternoon. But now tonight, of course something had to come up, since everything had been going great since Friday night! She wouldn't let her milk down.. ugh. And she had got a small, somewhat deep but nothing bad, cut next to one of her teats several days ago. It has been looking great. But, the past few days it's been hard around it and tonight it was warm. I don't want to deal with mastitis!! SO I went ahead and treated that quarter with Today, cleaned the wound although it is scabbed over, and put medicated teat cream on all her teats. I also gave her Probios and some red raspberry leaf. I am really hoping this does not turn into mastitis. . . never have had mastitis in any of our goats, ever.

On another note. . . let's see - the bottle steer calf is growing great on his goat milk, the Miniature Horse, Amigo, is very well conditioned only eating grass, all the goaties are doing great on pasture and alfalfa.

Here are some photos of various goats from a few days ago.

Rhia... she is doing great! She is jet-black and just so pretty right now!
Grandma Maggie, as we call her,
One of the Boer yearling does (right now they are living only off of pasture and look great),
another one of the Boer yearling does,

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!