Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cleaning time!

Well it has needed to be done for a while.... barn cleaning! We finally got out there with the tractor, and got almost 3/4 done. Yay! The tractor barely fits in the barn, and it can only fit in on one side since the other side slants down and is too short (for the exhaust pipe on the tractor). But, 2 hrs of tractor work saved us days and days (probably weeks) of hand cleaning it! After lunch today we are going to hopefully finish it. It was a little less than 2 ft deep, and that's just from last winter!

Last year I did deep bending - where you just add more and more straw all winter, then clean it out once a year. But then that once a year cleaning is big time hard! So I think this year I am going to not deep bed, and clean once a week or so. On really cold days I will have to bed them in, but not leave it all winter. There was all kinds of bugs living in the bedding underneath all the hay - ewww!

Yesterday I bred Lizzie (Spirit Earth Lizzie, Nubian/Alpine) to Junior Mint. The babies are not registerable. So she's due January 23rd.

Today Kiss and Rustler (Nubian/Boer/Nigerian wether) are leaving to a new home. Thanks to Susan Perkins for giving them a great home!