Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday update...

Today we almost got the barn cleaned out. Just have a little left to do. The ground will need to be built up though... I have not decided with what though. Gravel, sand, wood chips??? And then cover that with bedding - wood pellets/shavings or preferably straw.

The weather has been really weird. . . it's like October weather in August! Very cool. I guess we have to get ready for a cold winter. Clean the barns, get ready to bed for cold weather, put the insulation back up, built a shed or two, what else? Probably lots more :).

Not all that much to update on. Yesterday we went swimming at the local "Blue Hole", even though it was only 75 degrees outside, but it was nice ;).

On another note, I think Piglet will be coming into full heat in a day or two, and I'm going to breed her. Either to Lando or Parker... haven't made up my mind yet.

My cousin found a feed place that sells a 14.5% protein with 2% fat pellet in bulk. It turns out to be about $4 per 50 lbs. . . super cheap! We started feeding it a week ago and everyone seems to be doing good on it, except for little picky Maggie - she doesn't think it tastes too great. But it cut our feed bill pretty much in half! That is great!

Speaking of feed... it's getting close to time to start buying grass hay to feed the does. I started feeding the bucks grass hay once a day, since they are in rut and several of them only browse for a little while, but not enough to "keep them alive", so to speak. But they will eat the hay, so that's good.

Anyway, time for bed. Here are a few pictures from a few days ago.

some of the bucks out grazing,
Camille, the horse, and Shamrah, the dog,