Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bred Capering Valley P Rhia

Today, I bred one of our Nubian does, Capering Valley P Rhia. I am very excited to finally have her bred! We bought her last winter and she was suppose to be bred, but ended up not being bred. She was also thin. But, thankfully she is in much, much better condition now and is bred! She is a beautiful doe and I hope I get a doeling out of her! Oh, and I bred her to Quiet Wyatt for 1st generation, 75% Nubian kids. So she is due January 8th.

I thought I would post the gestation calculator I use. It is simple and easy and has worked great for me. http://www.goatbiology.com/animations/gestcalculator.html

A lil' bit ago the cow had her calf. . . a heifer. Praise the Lord! We missed the birth and just found the calf about 20 minutes ago, so everyone is still checking her out. We are going to have to milk the cow today as her udder is big and much, much fuller now than those last pictures and she is dripping milk! Pictures will come later, Lord willing.