Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another doe bred and sick Starlight :(

I have a feeling that my postings are going to be about breeding does for a lil' while now! Yesterday (Saturday, the 8th) I bred LaWanda to Quiet Wyatt. So she's due January 5th. It's nice to finally have some does bred. LaWanda last kidded in May of 2008 - she milked through all last winter and has been a good girl!

Last week was really warm, then Wednesday it cooled down and rained a lot. We had left the doelings out in the doe barn - thinking they were big enough. Well I think that stressed them out a little bit but they got over it. Needless to say, at night they are staying back in their stall out back. . . I guess they're still babies :). BUT, the weather change was drastic and Thursday afternoon Starlight (4 mnth old doeling, still getting a bottle a day) was not acting herself and had a 107 fever! WOW! So I gave her Banamine, C&D Antitoxin, baking soda, b vits, and a few other things - thinking enterotoximia. She seems totally normal that night.

Well, early Friday afternoon she was not her normal self again. And her temp was 105. So back to the barn - Banamine, C&D, b vits and Excenel. This time I am thinking pneumonia. I don't know why I didn't think of that the first time especially with the weather change. So we gave her that, left and got back a few hours later and one of her eyes was swollen. I still don't know what that is from. It has some discharge and just today we decided to put some eye-ointment on it incase of an eye infection.

SO, I think she will pull through. Yesterday her fever was down, and today she is acting a lot better but not all the way normal. She is not eating hay like normal, but this morning she drank a bottle and ate leaves and pine needles, and some grass. So I think we may have turned the corner to wellness. Praise the Lord! I hope she fully recovers! Of course it has to be Starlight - everyone's favorite, not just because she's a beautiful doeling but also because she has the sweetest personality ever!

That ended up longer than I thought. Now I'm going with them to go check on the cow - I'm hearing it looks like she might calve soon.

Have a great day,