Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bred some does, FINALLY!

Woohoo! Finally some does came into heat (that I have been waiting to come into heat for a while now), and we bred them last night. We bred PawPawNin Maglio Tartuffini (Maggie, she is also polled) to Dreamy-Hollow Parker for 2nd generation kids. And Icthus VML Champagne Kiss to Dreamy-Hollow Lando (he has blue-eyes) for 2nd generation kids also. SO they are both due January 2nd. Kidding will be starting a little later than last year, but sometimes a break, even if it is small, is nice ;).

Other than that, not too much out of the ordinary has been happening. We had a nice hard rain for a little while last night - we've been needing some rain! And it looks like it might rain again today, which would be very nice.

We got another big bale of Alfalfa, this time it's from Nebraska. Our last bale was 4-string and about 1,000 lbs, this one is a 6-sting and a little over 1,400 lbs. The last one lasted us a month, so we'll see how long this one lasts!

Have a great day now!