Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31/21: today. . .

. . . I worked on buddy walk stuff for a lot of the day, just doing odds and ends for it. I finished 1 poster, and made a notebook full of info (that took the longest).

This morning some friends came over to help butcher the hog with my brother, so while they were all cutting and packing meat, I was working on this stuff (I'm not the butcherer anyway. . .).

We had these miniature hay bales, got them from an auction probably. I think they are cute, and am probably going to use them for decoration. So, me and some friends wondered if we could make them. We tried, and decided that they must be made with a machine - they are packed SO tight. So instead, we made our own mini hay-bale type of things - they're still cute (the one in the pic is not a good one!), just not as cute as the others :).

After doing things like that all day. . . except I did have a "break" and loaded 28 hay bales. . . we decided to learn a new line dance which I got down fairly well (my sister "Q" being the teacher), and then we danced the ones we already knew and got our workout ;). Very fun!

So, there's my post for today. Have a great evening!



Jennifer said...

Sounds like a good day! Those mini-bales are cute, I always wondered what machine they used.