Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31/21: routine

 Our routine now is to. . . milk our does, get all them off the stand, bring our "boarding" goats in and put them on the milk stand, put the kids in their yard (or at night, their stall), milk these goats, take them out, and then feed everybody. In the morning it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. At night it takes about 45 minutes. . . partly because we are faster (not half asleep :)), and partly because we don't feed everyone hay at night (just some of the goats, like the bucks and kids that don't go out to pasture).

Last night Mom took a few pictures of us milking the Young's goats. . .

"O" sitting on the milkstand,

while their here, I've gotta take care of their feet. . . just because I like to :).

Here's an interesting fact for you. . . we've had at least 1 doe (but more like at least 4-5) in milk since January 25th, 2007. . . that's 3 years and 9 months, and I don't have any plans to be without a doe in milk anytime soon!
I enjoy milking and living on a real (goat) ranch. . .
In the summer months when 20 something does are in milk and it's 100+ degrees out, it can get a bit tiring, but I wouldn't want to change anything.
Or, when we kid out lots of does in the winter/spring and have to be up every 4- 6 hours to bottle feed kids.
Or when there is a sick animal that has to be tended to every few hours.
Or when it's below 0 outside and we have to get out there in the sleet and snow, and take care of animals. . . I really don't mind it and am super thankful for the way we live!

Oh, incase you didn't notice - I made a new banner for my blog (at the top), and also made a little logo thing incase you would like to link to me (see it on the right side underneath the "about me"), feel free to copy and paste it.

Hope you have a good day, on your ranch. . . or elsewhere ;).



Seven Acre Ranch said...

Haha! Thanks Suriyah :)