Saturday, October 30, 2010

31/21: Lutalyse/bred does

So, what happens when a bunch of bucks get in the doe yard when a lot of does were in heat, that did NOT need to be bred especially to those bucks?!? 12 days-two weeks later I am giving *several* does Lutalyse so the does don't stay bred!

That's what I had to do last night and this morning. . . give 8 does lutalyse. Two weeks ago someone didn't close the do gate properly and the bucks got in there. Needless to say, the bucks are no longer let in the yard where they could get in with the does. Lutalyse is a hormone, so I am very careful when giving injections ;), and it is given IM, so that makes it easier.

Just a few photos.



Carla said...

Be prepared, i had to do that last year.. and one of the does that i knew for sure got bred had twins one near full term but still born the other was a bag of bones ..and such is my experiance

Brenda said...

Your guardians are very pretty.

Suriyah @ Good Goats said...

Thanks Brenda ;).

Carla, thanks for the info and so sorry to hear that that happened to your doe. Before ever using Lute I researched a LOT, because hormones are strong drugs and I don't want to give "my girls" something might hurt them. This isn't the first time we've used Lutalyse, for various reasons. If you give it early on, it is way less stressful on the doe to abort the pregnancy.

Candi said...


I had no intention on posting a comment in this section :(, but my Nubian buck got in with my Nigerian/Oberhasli doe that was in standing. This happened last Tuesday, When can I give Lutalyse? Where do you get it? And what links and info can you give for that hormone??

I DO NOT want her to go through with this pregnancy!! She had a HUGE buck kid this past spring (she was bred by a Nubian *GURRRRR*) after a very difficult birth in which I almost lost both doe and kid.

Can you give any advice???

Good Goats said...

Sorry to hear about that, PA!

Lutalyse is an Rx item, so you need a vet prescription to get it. The cheapest place we've found it is on PBS Animal Health. If you have a vet that can call the prescription in for you - you order it, then call your vet's office and tell them to call the prescription in to PBS.

To abort, it needs to be at least 11-12 days after breeding, as any sooner and it may not work. And you really don't want to do it farther along then a month, but it can be done - just more stressful.

No matter the size of the doe, she needs 2 cc of Lutalyse, given IM (intramuscular). All hormones are given IM, not sub-Q.

You can go to and in the search spot on the top right, search "lutalyse" - there's lots of info there.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me... no problem.

take care,

Good Goats said...

Another thought - before we would have the vet just call in the prescripton for us - you can just go to the vets office and ask for a couple of cc of Lutalyse, and tell them what it's for - hopefully they'll cooperate. It'll be more expensive (per cc), but worth it when you need it.