Saturday, October 23, 2010

31/21: life on the ranch

Well, life on the ranch here is going pretty good. Last night we (or should I say, my brother Norayah!!) brought home 17 pigs. So, if I am counting correctly, that means we have 32 pigs right now... yikes. But, they come and go all the time. There will probably be less tomorrow :). If anyone is looking to buy some cute little Pot bellied pigs or regular pigs, give my mom or brother an email or call (918-598-4007). . . they might just have what you want.

some of the new piggies,

Even this late in the year, we are getting stuff from the gardens... very nice!!

All the goats and sheep are doing well. This morning I was feeding Ace (Boer buck) his grain, and all the sheep, who normally are not very friendly, and the llama came up and were being kind of too friendly. But, it was alright ;).

Remember, if you are needing a buck email me, I'll give you a deal!!

Have a good day!



Brenda said...

The photo of your garden produce is very colorful and pretty. It looks like the makings for a good salsa!