Thursday, September 30, 2010

31 for 21 Blog Challenge!

Well, this is the first time I have done this. I just joined the 4th Annual 31 for 21 Blog Challenge to raise awareness about Down Syndrome! Which means, I've got to do a blog post a day for the whole month of October. As most of you probably know, I have a great little brother who has Down Syndrome. His name is Osiyyah, he is 5 years old and I know that life without him would be pretty dull! He is just such a blessing.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, in case you didn't know ;). If you have any suggestions, things you'd like me to blog about, please leave me a comment - it'll be welcomed!

Thank you!



Jennifer said...

I think that is great! Looking forward to your posts this month. You could do some "introduction" posts and introduce us to some of the animals on your farm. That would be cool. In the spirit of the challenge I think some posts about Down Syndrome and your experiences with it would be very interesting. I am an almost 35 year old woman who has not had children yet but would still like too, as I am sure you know the chances of having a baby with Down Syndrome do increase when you have children older so I actually would be very interested in hearing about the more personal aspect of raising a child with Down Syndrome, etc. That is just me though, anything you post about will be interesting!

Suriyah @ Good Goats said...

Thank you for the ideas! Yes, the chance is more for an older woman to have a baby with Down Syndrome. People with DS are amazing. Since my brother was bor, we have met so many people and I truly think my life would be boring without my little brother.

And it is so horrible that so many of them get aborted and put in orphanages. . . I better not start off on a soapbox now ;).

Jennifer said...

I also think that is sad and I can't believe anyone would do that. When I worked in home health care I took care of a very sweet lady with DS. She was my favorite person there and I looked forward to spending time with her. Of course she was in her 50's, much different than a baby!