Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cutie photos

I really needed some updated pictures of our sweet little kid, Cutie. She is getting big, and her colors have really come out. Her brown spots are actually white underneath - so if she ever gets a shave job (not this year, too cold!), I think she'll have white spots instead of brown spots - interesting! Anyway, she is just the sweetest little thing and is doing so good with training. She comes when called now (at least when I call her) and is walking on a lead pretty well.

Have a good day. . . I think we'll spend our afternoon swimming, and who knows what else.



Jennifer said...

What a beautiful goat! I love her color!

Patient Acres said...

She is getting SO big!! (or is it just the angle of the pic?)
Looks like she has GREAT potential!

Good Goats said...

I'll have to weigh her and see. . . she's getting big but is not unusually big.