Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Welcome Athena & Helena!

We did it again. . . got a couple more goats! Yesterday we picked up Athena and Helena. They are Snubian does (Nubian/Saanen). They are both very big and strong does. Thank you to Lexy of Rushtawin Nubians for these girls! Here are a few pictures of them - these photos were taken right before we loaded them up to come home.

This is Goldthwaite Athena II. She is probably bred and due in 1 to 1 1/2 months.

This is Goldthwaite Helena II. She is currently milking.

Yesterday we picked my Grandma up at the airport, all the way from California! I may not be blogging as much as we'll be busy with normal life and doing other things - going places, renting a skating rink for my sister's b-day, etc..

As a quick update - the Boer doe that I posted about last time who had pneumonia - we lost her on Sunday :(. Upon necropsy it looked like about 70% of her lungs were infected and there was something wrong with her neck, possibly listeriosis. Anyway, sad to have lost her, she was actually getting way better and put up a good fight :(.

Everyone else is doing *wonderful*. Very thankful for that.

If anyone is looking for HAY - we have some! Just got another load in. It smells great!

Have a good day!



Brenda said...

I'm sorry you lost the doe that was fight pneumonia. I've had a battle with it here this summer. It looks like everyone is doing fine now though. I was really watching one of my little nubian does closely when she was in the worst of it though. She spent a couple of days in the house with me.

Congratulations on your new does. They look like they'll be great milkers!

Patient Acres said...

So sorry to hear about the boer doe:(
Glad to hear everyone else is doing good.

The 2 new additions look promising! Congrats:)