Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life on the Ranch update

Well, hello all! My Grandma has been here for the past week and we've had a great time. My sister's 20th birthday was a few days ago, we went out to eat a few times and then on Monday we rented the roller skating rink out - that was a blast!

Everyone has been doing pretty well. Yesterday morning Whitney, one of our Min Nubian does, wasn't doing so great. She's had lots of trouble (with snot, pneumonia, etc) since we moved here to Oklahoma, and I've treated her with lots of things but most the time it doesn't really work well. Well, yesterday we finally lost her :(. Seems like all of my posts have had something "sad" in them these past few times, but it's been a rough year! In a way, we all expected to loose her, but as always, very sad :(.

ANYWAY, hopefully my posts will be better from now on ;). On the bright side of things, everything has really been going great. Today we moved Buddy, the alpaca, out of his stall into a small yard with our 7 doe kids and their guardian pup. Buddy is WAY better than he used to be, I can actually get a halter on him now with no troubles, but he still has a ways to go.

They all weren't so sure of each other at first, but they are all doing good together now.

Since I had the camera out there, I had to snap a few photos :). This is Snickers.

And this is Blondie.

On another note, several days ago I made a batch of the mild Feta cheese. This stuff is yummy!

There are still lots of peppers coming from the garden! There are also still pumpkins, watermelons, cataloupe, sweet potatoes, and zuccini growing (and I'm probably forgetting something!).

Well, I think that's it for now. Today's the first day of Fall too - yay!

Ya'll have a good day!



Candi said...

Oh,my goodness!! I can't help but smile every time I see pics of Buddy! He's SOO cute :)