Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hot & Humid = Prime Weather for Pneumonia

What do I have to update on? Life has been pretty normal, except this weather caused some sickness the past few days. It was pretty nice and not-too-hot here for a while, then on Wednesday we got a lot of rain (from the hurricane), and then it got hot and really humid yesterday. You know what that means? Prime weather for pneumonia. Well, Whitney, one of my Mini Nubian does, had a big rattle in her chest yesterday. I just started to worm her also since she seemed to need it, and for some reason hasn't been as thrifty as everyone else - most of the rest of the herd are doing great, sassy and healthy! She was still eating, but not extremely well. I promptly gave her a bunch of vitamins, Banamine, started her on Naxcel and did not let her go out to pasture. Last night and this morning she is better, but still has a small rattle in her chest.

Most Friday nights are quite crazy around here, trying to milk/etc. before going places. My brother Todahyah came in and said that one of the Boer does did not look well, looked like she had a cold/pneumonia. I gave him some vitamins to go give her and was when I was done milking I'd give her the shot of Naxcel. Well, by the time I was done milking - only 30 minutes later - she was laying down, weak, and was having a hard time breathing. I thought she was dying. I gave her the shot and hoped for the best, we had to leave.

When we got home, she was still there. This morning we decided to tube her some electrolytes, which she did pretty good with. We made her comfortable with a big bed of hay in the shade with her daughter by her (who didn't want to leave her), and we're praying for the best. My cousin who tubed her thinks she'll make it, I'm not so sure.

So, I guess this post is a warning to all you with goats (and any other animals) out there, watch your animals VERY close in this weather. It is more common for animals to get pneumonia in the summer, at least here in humid Oklahoma, than in the winter. They can come down super fast. This Boer doe was normal yesterday morning, 7 hours later she was almost dying.
Off my little soapbox now. . .

Last night my little sister got a little lamb that she is hoping to friendly up and teach to lead. I put Cutie in with her, and she (the lamb) didn't like Cutie at all, she was stomping her feet and all. Pretty funny.

Yesterday we got another load of hay delivered. It is SO nice and, in my cousin's words, "smells so good I almost want to eat it" :)!

We feed our llama, Salty, on the edge of the trailer as it is just tall enough where she can eat it without the goats pestering her too much.

Buddy eating breakfast this morning,

My little sister, Hanunyah, snapped some photos of the goats, sheep and llama going out to pasture this morning. The sheep come out and go one way, the goats and the llama go the other way.

Well, I think that's it for now. Saturday is another busy day, so I guess I gotta go get cleaned up.

Have a good day and thanks for reading!



Patient Acres said...

That is 1 cute ewe!!
I love her spots:)