Friday, September 3, 2010

an update...

It's really been a week since I last blogged?!? Doesn't seem like it! Last night we got a good amount of rain - yay! We've been needing rain for a while now, everything was getting pretty brown and dry.

To recap the past week. . .

We had a "family talk" and decided to get rid of the pond for now. It was either do a lot of work to it and make it much cleaner and better, or drain it for now. We could always plug the hole back up and have a pond again. It was pretty shallow anyway and gross. The only reason we could think of keeping it for would be, ice skating in the winter I guess. Not a very good reason in my opinion ;). The reasons for getting rid of it where - it was a threat to some of our animals. We lost a llama a year and a half ago to Meningeal Worm (deer worm), which is primarily from ponds and swampy areas. Then we had some pigs out to pasture, and one of them got sick from algae poisoning. We treated her and she got better, thankfully. So anyway, since there were no good reasons to keep it and a few reasons to get rid of it, we decided to drain it for now.

On another topic, in my last post I talked about our brown llama, Peppercorn, who was sick. Well, a day later she passed away right in front of us. Very sad :(. Upon necropsy we found out that she was indeed pregnant, but not due for at least another month (makes it even worse, huh). Her heart did not look good and neither did her intestines. Oh well. The Lord gives and takes away, blessed be His name.

You know, we originally got the llamas to guard our goats. When we had both of them, Peppercorn and Salty, they would hang out in the pasture but would not stay with the goats - so, not very good guardians I guess. Well, ever since we lost Peppercorn, Salty has been hanging out with the goats WAY more. She now comes back when they come back for water, she comes back when it's time to milk. So it has actually turned out really well. Praise the Lord! I really think that Salty is pregnant though, her belly just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. We are extra pampering her now though, too :).

It has not been as hot as it was for a while, some days are hot, others aren't as bad. This morning though it was "cold" - 61 degrees! So nice! All the animals liked it I think and they all have felt a bit frisky on the cooler days.

Here's Wonder, the other day, trying to figure out how she could reach those leaves. She eventually did figure it out ;).

If anyone is looking for pot bellied pigs, we have some for sale! I think they're cute ;).

Have a good day ya'll!