Thursday, April 1, 2010


Well I figured I should do an update since my last post. . . my finger is better, milking was hard for a couple of times, but it must have been something little that popped out of place ;). The weather is super nice lately, except that I could do without the wind.

We are getting so much milk lately, I have to deal with a lot of it (since we only have 7 bottle babies). . . which means running it through the cream separator. Tomorrow I'll have to run about 8-10 gallons through the separator as the freezer and fridge are both full. Once it is run through the separator, it is now low fat milk, and we'll turn that into cheese. We ordered a bunch of different cheese culters, so if those are here tomorrow maybe we'll make some more feta, or mozz, etc. . . otherwise it'll probably all be turned into vinegar cheese.

Right now though, I am pretty beat. We went over to a lady's house and she gave us a *ton* of wild strawberry plants and quite a bit of the domestic strawberry plants also, plus some other odds and ends. When we got home, we had to plant a bunch of them. So, it's been a long day!

Here are some various pictures that have been taken within the past week. I think Spring is finally here! So exciting! Oh, and the past few days we've also let the does out to the pasture since it is finally getting green. . . can you tell I like the warm weather?!?

yellow flower

purple flowers


Cadbury and Blondie,

Have a good evening!



Brenda said...

:D Happy Spring! Green is good!