Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Copper Boluses

Some more information on copper boluses.

- Yes, you can top dress your goats feed with copper/minerals, but not with copper boluses. We bolus because it is much easier for us than to top dress all of their feed.

- We buy the Copasure 12.5 copper supplements for calves from Jeffers Livestock. Then we buy "00" size gel caps and resize the capsules so they are "goat size."

- We try to have Redmond animal minerals out 24/7 for our goats, and it is also safe for sheep. Since Redmond does not have a sufficient amount of copper in it for goats, we bolus once a year.

- There is a great article on copper and copper boluses on the Saanendoah website here. It is very informative and sometimes a bit confusing ;).

I hope that helps!