Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kidding Story

Another interesting kidding. This time it was a friend's goat.

Late Friday morning "Cloudy" (Saanen/Alpine/Nubian) went into "labor." They watched her all day. Around 4:30pm she started pushing and they thought they'd have babies really soon. A little while past, nothing happened, and then the contractions stopped.

We went over to their house, looked at her and nothing seemed too odd except one big thing - her backbone was shaped like a C, really curved/crooked. She also seemed to have a hard time walking due to it, and it had just gotten that bad Friday.
We had to go home and milk, and since things were not really progressing, I was thinking it was a train wreck. . . with a kid sideways blocking the birth canal, etc. So Mom went in, and found nothing. I also went in and found nothing, literally nothing. It felt like you stuck your hand in a bag... we could not find the cervix, it was just a "dead end." Every breeder I talked to said that doe needs a c-section, has a train wreck and needs some serious help.
After a couple of hours and Mom going in a couple of times and the doe contracting quite a bit, she finally found the cervix. I think something was somewhat twisted or fallen, and with all of the stimulation and contractions, it "picked" things back up.
So, she found the cervix but it was *not* dialated. We decided to give her Lutalyse and hope it helped.

Saturday she seemed pretty OK, despite being very uncomfortable. Late last night, when it had been 24 hour since giving the Lute, we checked on her, she seemed the same, so we went to bed.

About 2 hours later, we checked on her and there was a kid on the ground, alive!! Less than a minute later she delivered another kid. It was a normal and easy kidding, and she had 2 doelings!! It was very exciting and SUCH a relief to have the kids on the ground with no problems, no stuck kids, and the momma doing fine!

Today her backbone/spine is still crooked. A few people suggested that it may be hypocalcemia. . . seems very odd to me, but she is getting the right supplements as I figure it can't hurt. Maybe a kid was in a weird position and just tweaked her back out. Hopefully she'll straighten out though!

Anyway, just thought I'd share the "stress" and excitement we've had here the past few days :).