Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Update

Peppercorn, the llama

Just a quick update. . . things have been pretty "mellow" here on the ranch.

I bought some animal clippers on Ebay a few days ago and they got here yesterday. They are Wahl brand, and so nice! That is the last brand I bought and they worked great too (but then I lost them...). I shaved some of the does' udders yesterday, and did several tonight, and the clippers are super! They are quiet and work really well, and came with a bunch of different size blades, etc. . . pretty cheap too. I'll have to get pictures of the "pretty, clipped udders" sometime soon here.

Shaving the does, I found out a few are a complete different color underneath, especially my doe Blueberry. I just did a small dairy clip on her, and her hair underneath is very dark. SO, I think I am going to do a full body clip on her (when it is going to stay warm :)), and I think she will be very pretty dark, especially with her blue eyes!

The picture below is of Gaddy and her doe kid, the "miracle mom and daughter". . . the doe with the ringwomb who also hemorrhaged really bad. They are both doing wonderful.

Well, that's about it for now.

Have a good evening!