Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does for sale, new sheep, updates

Things are getting green, almost all the trees have leaves on them now and the grass is growing. Stuff is growing in the garden now also!

We added 2 new animals to the ranch on Sunday. . . 2 Katadin sheep! I think they are much cuter than the Dorper sheep (that our friend has), but sheep are just strange, IMO. Speaking of sheep, the other day I trimmed our friend's Dropers feet. . . they weren't that bad, just long, but those sheep are definitely strong!!
These girls are not friendly, and it does not help that we are used to goats that are overly friendly, because even a friendly sheep is not going to be the same as our goats. Sheep are just not as smart ;). Anyway, I think they are going to be my little sister's (you can see her blog here). The eweling is 3 months old and the ewe is 2 years old (& the eweling is not her lamb).

Time for a "Grandma Maggie" update - she is doing great! I think she is the "super milk goat"!  She never really came back into milk on the side that she had mastitis on, but on the other side, she is milking 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon out of that side alone! She is an amazing goat and I am so glad we got a doeling out of her this year.

Something I've been meaning to post for a few weeks but just keep forgetting - a few nice ladies came out a couple weeks ago and bought the Alpine buckling we had for sale. After being here for a while, she told me that she was a professional small animal farrier. She got one of the big does that was having some trouble with her feet and trimmed them up! She did a wonderful job and taught me how to really trim hooves. . . exactly what I needed! Since then, I have been trimming feet like crazy, am learning a lot, and enjoy doing it. You can check out Abigail's website here. Thank you again ;)!

On another note, I have a few does that I'd be willing to sell if anyone is looking for some nice Mini Nubian does. The two I have in mind right now are PawPawNin Willa and PawPawNin Vivid Bridget. Both nice does with good udders, just don't need them. They'll be reasonably priced. . . if you are interested and want more info, email me.

PawPawNin Vivid Bridget

PawPawNin Willa

Well, I think that is it for now. . . have a great day!