Saturday, April 17, 2010

Body Clipping Goats

Several days ago my brother body clipped his dog, and used my new Wahl clippers for the job. . . until a little over half way through he thought he dulled them and they were not working anymore on his dog (who has *super* thick hair). So he used another pair of clippers. . .

But, since he thought he dulled them, I decided to try and body clip a goat to see if they were truly dull. I picked Blueberry (a Mini Nubian doe) since I have been wanting to shave her whole body for some time now. I got her on the stand, the clippers WORKED great, and she looks like a completely *different* goat now! I like her under coat color much better than her top coat..
So here are some before and after pictures. The pictures are not great at all, but I was in a hurry.
*note* - her udder is not full in these pics, and I had previously shaved her udder because it was very hairy!




I was hoping and planning on going to the Spring Sheep & Goat Sale that was in Tahlequah today, but one of our trucks started having issues on the way home, so we are vehicle-less right now. Oh well!