Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well, yesterday was my birthday. You know you're a farm girl when you are given. . . a pink feed pail, Power Punch, calcium drench, goat treats, and 30 & 65 cc syringes for your b-day :)! Plus some jeans, a hat, and flowers, and I'm probably forgetting something ;).

This is going to be short because I can't type really well right now. I just got back from riding with my cousin and brothers, and the horse I was riding got a bit crazy on me. I had to pull on her reins to "shut her down", and I think I either sprained or broke my finger. . . we'll see.

The weather is so nice lately. . . I think the cold is finally over with!

The goats are all doing great. I think we are milking about 22, twice a day now. Hopefully I can milk with both hands tonight!

Since we are getting so much milk, I've been making butter and cheese, and my Mom made Feta for the first time - yum!

Tired of typing ;). . . see ya' later!