Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More kids!

Well, yesterday morning when we went and got the milkers, one of the crossbred meat does had 2 doe kids in the barn! All dry and nursing. The mom is all black, the sire is our Boer buck Ace, and the kids are pure white! She is a great momma also. . . when we went out to get the milkers, all of the does were out of the barn standing quiet a ways from it, and when Mom walked in with one of the dogs to see what was going on, the doe came running at them! She's calmed down a bit now, but is still a good momma. She is also one of the herd queens :).

Then this morning one of my brother's high-percentage Boer does kidded to a buckling and doeling. . . out of Ace, also.

At the moment, we are planning on keeping 6 doelings. . . I think way too many!!! Right now we have Snickers, Fatty Matty, Drama Queen, Moment, and Cookie Doe. Then the little doeling out of Blueberry we plan on keeping also. We are calling her "Blondie" right now, and they all want to name her "Blond Bombshell". . . any other ideas? She has soo long of ears for being out of a Nigerian sire! Blueberry, her dam, is 75% Nubian/25% Nigerian.

I think we may end up keeping one more doeling if Aruba (the Alpine, who we bought bred to a reg'd Alpine buck) has a doeling, then I probably will keep her... but no more after that!!


The weather has been very nice lately. We have been keeping all of the animals off of the pasture so it can rest, and when things start growing again, they can get a head start before the animals come through and eat everything up. So, the does have been hanging out around the house and in the yard lately.

Oh also, if anyone is looking for a intact male llama that is about 3 years old, we are looking to get rid of ours.




Linda Foley said...

Nice kids! I really, really like Blondie... I hope my kids from my Nubian and Nigerian have long ears, but I imagine the first ones will have airplane ears - but I can hope, right?

If I had an outlet for the milk, I'd love to have more does than just two or three... but hubby would have a COW if I kept more than that.

Unknown said...

Those color genetics from the boer are really strong aren't they. We did have an all red boer kid once though

Jennifer said...

Nice looking goat family! We had an all white doe have a mostly black kid last year. It is always a bit of a surprise when they are a totally different color than the parents, but that is part of the fun of it too.

Brenda said...

I really like Blondie too. She's a cutie. My friend Tonia always says that Goats are Addicting! It's hard to have only a few!