Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Hairless Wonder (& naming help)

Okay, well, she is not really hairless, but she used to be! Yesterday we were given a LaMancha/Nubian doe that is about a year old, that kidded about a week ago. She is not registered, but comes from great milk lines and a CAE free herd. The lady that gave her to us got her along with a few other goats, and then this doe lost most of her hair. She treated her for lice, but we think it may have been due to hormones. After she had her kids, everything went back to normal. So, except for the hair on her tail and backbone, almost all of it has grown back but it is not thick - that'll take time. She has a very nice udder and is super easy to milk. I'll have to get pics of her udder later.

The name she came with I don't care for, so we are trying to come up with another name for her. Any ideas are welcomed!! Right now we have come up with Eagle (Bald Eagle... we're so mean!), Dolphin, Susie... can't think of any others that we have come up with yet. Why those names, I don't know ;). BUT, any ideas would help, thanks!

Another kidding. . . Monday morning at 1:45am, Mom woke me up saying Verona had one kid. So I went down there, and she had one buckling out already. A little black guy with white ears and tan trim. A few minutes later she had a brown and white buckling with blue eyes. Easy kidding, and we were back in bed within 45 minutes!

On another note, my website is SO outdated. I really need to update it, but the external hard drive that has all of my stuff on it, it looks like it finally has died for good. So, I am going to have to redo my website which will take some time. . .

For does due, the only 2 that are left (I think!) are Buttermilk, a Nubian/Boer bred to Ace, due any day. Her udder filled up last night, so I am thinking it'll be today or tomorrow. And then Maple Nut, a Mini Nubian first freshener that is due around April 10th or so. Then nothing till August, hopefully!!

Have a good day!



Linda Foley said...

Hum... Peaches? (her coloring looks like the dark color around the peach seed).

Brenda said...

Yes ... Peaches sounds like a good name. If her milk is creamy ... she'd be Peaches-n-Cream! :D

I think she's a good looking doe. She'd fit right in at my place! I have a lot of LaMancha/Nubian cross does. I just love 'em.

Good Goats said...

As cute of a name as Peaches is, I really think her name is going to be "Wonder" or "Wonderful Wonder", LOL :)!

Wonder why she lost her hair, wonder why she has no ears. . .

Kind of corny, I know ;). Wonder why :)?!?

Brenda said...

Very funny! Since you put it that way ... Wonder is a good name for her.