Sunday, October 16, 2011

31/21 - Donkeys & Rams

When this post goes up, I will (most likely) be gone to our Sunday soccer game and then the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa's Buddy Walk.

These 2 donkeys are new here. If anyone is looking for a cute donkey, let us know ;)!

We also got 2 new rams for our sheep breeding programs. The black and white one is a 3 year old Katahdin/Dorper cross ram. He is very nice. The red one behind him is a red Katahdin, and is under a year old (very big).

Flying rams!!

Hope you have an awesome day!



Brenda said...

That's an amazing photo of the "flying" rams. What were they doing? I've had the opportunity to observe a large flock of Katahdin sheep for the past few months. I've never seen them be this active.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful rams and donkeys! Oh wow, flying rams indeed! Do they need a tall fence to keep them in?