Thursday, October 6, 2011

31/21 - goats, piglets & chicks!

Life on the ranch has been going pretty good!! The weather lately has been just beautiful... haven't had to run the A/C in the house much at all lately. It's been very nice, and the animals (and people) seem to be enjoying it.

The milking does are all doing good. The other day I dropped several does to just once a day milking, so at night we are only milking 2 full-stanchions - 14 does. And in the morning, 27 does. I wanted to make the nighttime milking crew smaller because within the next few weeks, we'll probably be getting a bit busy with various things - just the time of year, plus our Grandma is visiting, and the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa is having a Bounce-U prep event and then the yearly Buddy Walk. So all that to say, I wanted to make nighttime chores faster ;).

Northwest Goats Lil' Prissy,

Good Goats Junior Moment (front), plus a bunch of other does begging for goodies,

The piglets are doing good. . . they are very spunky little things!! There are 5 girls and 4 boys.

Yesterday there was new life added to the ranch! A guinea hen had been sitting on eggs, and yesterday Mom and the kids found several chicks already hatched. So, since guinea hens usually are not good mothers, we collected them and put them in a little make-shift brooder. Yesterday there were 8 live ones, this morning we found 2 more, so there's 10 so far. They are pretty cute lil' things ;)! I think we may put a chicken tractor around the hen sitting on the eggs, and then try putting the chicks with her and see if she'll take care of them. That way they are all forced to stay in one spot :).

Have a good day! I have to go sell some goats and hay!