Thursday, October 20, 2011

31/21 - Boer Kids

The Boer kids are doing good. There are 4 of them - the triplets and the orphan buckling - 2 doelings and 2 bucklings. The 2 bucklings have been bottle kids for about a week now. The momma to the 2 doelings had gotten hypocalcemia, and I treated her for several days. She recovered from that, but I think she is very old (do not know her history though), she just looks old. So long story short, she is not producing enough milk for the 2 girls. Last night I offered the girls a bottle and they both willingly took it, so obviously they were hungry. They are still nursing on their dam but I am giving them a bottle, really don't think that she is going to go up in production, although I wish she would. So it looks like we have 4 bottle kids now. . . really wasn't planning on having that many this time of the year, especially with all the milkers dropping in production!! Oh well. I think one of the bucklings will be getting a new home very soon here.

On another note, I thought I'd share that this is the best way to cook pancakes for a family of 13 :)!

Hope you had an awesome day!