Thursday, October 27, 2011

31/21 - Goat Forums & Lists

I thought I would share a few of the goat forums and lists that I am on and gather information from.

Dairy Goat Info Forum - this website has LOTs of info and some very knowledgeable people.

NubianTalk YahooGroup - while this group can get a little "off track" sometimes, they share a lot of good information and if I ever am in an emergency and need a question answered, I will send an email to this group as they'll get back quick.

Holistic-Goats YahooGroup - this is a great, very helpful group of folks who deal with natural remedies for goats, but most realize there is a time for "drugs" also. Been on this list for years and like it a lot.

Mid-AtlanticMinis YahooGroup - for all the Mini goat enthusiasts in the mid-atlantic. Very talkative and friendly group ;).

Oklahoma Feed & Hay Coop YahooGroup - last but not least, this is the group we run. Anything from feed, hay, nutrition, any farm related topic welcome. For Oklahoma and surrounding states.