Monday, January 10, 2011


Well, it's been snowing since last night, and on and off today. We have probably about an inch of snow...

The little cria is doing great. He is so sweet and friendly! He nibbles and licks my face and really likes to be petted, just too cute! And he is definitely making his momma be a lot more comfortable around humans. I've been keeping them in the back stall because it is just too cold out there for him. Saturday it was sunny tho so we let him run around in the front yard for a few hours.

Today I put him out in the snow for a little bit, but after bucking and kicking for a little while he got a bit chilled so. . .

. . . back in the stall they went! Oh, and he needs a name! The only name that someone came up with that I like so far is "Saltine". His mom is "Salty" and his dad was "Bill."

Yesterday they (2 of my brothers and my cousin, the ones who break horses) thought they might have a horse that'd buck, so mom went down there with the camera to hopefully get some "action" shots. But, no bucking. Just a lot of running. Still cool ;).

No more baby animals of any kind yet. . . but there are a few does and ewes lookin' like they just might pop soon!

Have a good day and stay warm!



Brenda said...

Your baby cria is so cute. He needs a very special name. He already looks like he's growing.

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

ooh the baby cria is darling. Grady?