Friday, January 21, 2011

Rhia Kidded!

Well, Capering-Valley P Rhia finally kidded! She had a buck and a doe - both beautiful kids! Their sire is PawPawNin Junior Mint.

She was having pretty hard contractions, and then I finally saw a foot. And then the foot went away and another bubble and part of the placenta came out... hmm, not exactly a good sign. So after a few minutes I felt in there and there was a nose and 3 feet - NOT what I was hoping to feel! So as usual, I talked Mom into going in ;). Thankfully they were not too tangled, I'm not sure how they weren't. But, Mom pulled the first one out - the doe kid. Then very quickly after that she pulled the buck kid out. I think it was a bit traumatizing/shocking to Rhia but I put a kid by her face and she started acting normal again (whew!!).

Everyone is doing great now!

The buck kid is of course the more colorful one ;). If anyone is looking for an F1 beautiful buckling, please email me. Otherwise he might be banded and go to a pet home.

And the doe kid. If you're looking for a really nice doe kid, again, email me. We'll make you a deal ;).

Have a great evening!



Brenda said...

Congratulations! They're beautiful babies! That buckling is gorgeous.

It's amazing how they can get tangled when they both want to come out at the same time. Great job getting them delivered.

Where the Acorns Fall said...

Aren't they cute! (But then again aren't most babies that way!)