Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remember "the hairless wonder"?

For those of you who have been following my blog since March of last year or longer, you might remember a post about a goat, "the Hairless Wonder". Well, if you don't remember. . .

She is a Nubian/LaMancha doe that was given to us mid-March of 2010 who we ended up naming "Wonder" (because we wondered why she lost her hair!). She was a first freshener, and had almost completely lost all of her hair over the course of her pregnancy. After she kidded, it had begun to grow back. The breeder didn't want to deal with it so gave her to us about a week after she kidded to see if we could help her out. She was in great health and weight (despite her hair being gone). So, along with the help of a few feeds (like black oil sunflower seeds) and a spray called Micro-Teck, her hair grew back and she milked great all summer long.

I bred her 3 months ago and everything has been great. Until the other morning, I noticed that she had begun to loose hair again - both her cheeks on her face are almost completely hairless already. But as before, she is in good health - just is loosing her hair.

So, obviously this has something to do with hormones, pregnancy hormones. If any of you have ideas please feel free to comment and pass your ideas on - all are welcome.

Right now the two things I am thinking of trying are 1) keeping a coat on her to maybe help stop or slow the hair loss, and 2) possibly starting high doses of injectable vitamin C and maybe B. I have heard that injectable C can do a lot of good things - worth a try at least, not going to hurt her.

WELL, the new kids are doing good! It's a cold day today outside, kinda just doing small things in the house right now before it's time for evening chores.

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Amanda said...

In my own research to a topic unrelated to this, I also wonder if the demands of pregnancy and growing fetus(s) are "robbing" her body of required minerals. Perhaps Vit. A, iodine, etc?

While it's totally not unlikely either that it could just be pregnancy hormones, as I have read that could easily be a possibility too during a time when there is added demand on her. A vitamin deficiency in this specific doe wouldn't be too far fetched either. Perhaps blood work would tell you for sure if there's something she's lacking.

Just a thought :)

Melody said...

sounds like she needs zinc. Give her free access to loose cattle minerals.