Monday, January 3, 2011

Kidding Season has started!

above is Rosie yesterday afternoon

Last night around 2am we got up and checked on Rosie, and sure enough, she was pushing! After a little while, she plopped out a huge buckling... haven't weighed him, but I'm guess he's a good 10 lbs. Their sire is our Boer buck, Ace. A little while later, she pushed out another *buckling* who came out back-feet first, which I think was easier since their heads and shoulders are so big! Here's a few photos!

this is a bad picture... I know... but I was really tired and hoping she'd get done quick!!

pushing! two feet!

the first buckling,

the second buckling, wrapped in pink...

The night before last, around 1am something, we were awoken to a screaming goat - again. The goat that was the first to knock off one of her horns, knocked her second one off - so now she is completely hornless! Woohoo!! She just has 2 scabs on top of her head, not bad at all! Then 2 of the others just have one horn left, and the last goat still has both. She is the biggest out of them all so I'd expect hers to take the longest.

And no babies yet from Miss Rhia. She's looking like she'll go soon though. . . hopefully soon enough so they can be on the same bottle schedule as these other kids are, but that's probably too much to hope for ;)!

Have a great day!



Where the Acorns Fall said...

They ARE CUTE (even if they're bucklings!). Glad to hear about the horns. Is the duck tape to keep the band in place??

Good Goats said...

Yes, the tape is to keep the bands in place. Because right after they are put on, the goat will try to rub them off on the wall/fence/etc. With the tape on, they can't roll the band off...

Brenda said...

Congratulations on the new babies! My first ones due are in the kidding pens. We'll be kidding any day now too. I'm excited. :D

I'm glad the horns are coming off successfully. I have a new rescue goat that has horns. I think she's pretty young and the banding should work on her horns. I may give it a try for her.

Teresa said...

I love new babies! Fun times ahead! Ours aren't due until April/May