Sunday, January 16, 2011

ranch update!

Well, there have been a lot of ranch happenings around here the past few days. Just odds and ends though.

Of the 4 goats with the banded horns, 3 are now completely hornless and 1 has one horn left to fall off. This process went very smooth and if done correctly, I would suggest this method of dehorning (only if you get a goat that already has horns - if you have kids born, disbudding is of course a much easier and quicker method) and would do it again myself.

Between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon, we added something like 23 animals to the ranch. YIKES! My family is crazy, I'm tellin' you!! A few were donkeys that we hope to resale, they are pretty looking guys (and a gal), I think. . .

Several were pigs. I thought this little potbellied boar pig is quite funny ;)...

And then 10 were sheep (and a little goat came with them). They are Shetlands and Shetland crosses. They look like cotton-balls with toothpick legs, LOL. I think they're kinda cute though! If anyone is in the market for Shetlands, email my mom here.

And this little guy is doing great, but I still haven't decided on a name for him. Need to figure one out, I guess...

Gotta go! Have a great day!