Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone!! We had a big ole party last night, as usual on new years eve.

The past few days I've been kept busy making food and things for the party last night. We went to bed at 1am something, got up at 5am something and went to a local monthly auction. It was freezing cold out there and prices were a bit too high for us "cheap folks", so we went home early. We did take a pig with us and met someone there for it, and we also sold some chickens at the auction. So, not bad...

there was lots and lots of yummy food!

Rosie and Rhia are due any day. . . day 150 is tomorrow for Rosie. They are both looking bigger and more uncomfortable every day but no babies yet.

For an update on the 4 goats we are dehorning - we now have 3 "unicorns", woohoo!! The last 2 that fell off weren't as traumatic as the first ;). 3 horns off, 5 to go.

So for the rest of the day today, we just kind of relaxed. My brother had a bunch of wood to burn outside, so I took Roxie out to run around and the goats were out there too. "Grandma", the goat, really liked the fire and was just standing next to it warming up... she's such a cute old goat!

A few of the dogs playing...

Well, have a great night and a happy new year!



Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Grandma is so cute out there standing by the fire with her sweater on.