Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the past few days in a few photos

Well, life has been busy as usual. Sunday (in the heat!) we grabbed a few of the new sheep and wormed them, trimmed hooves and shaved anyone that had too much wool still. It went pretty smooth, for the most part :).

two sheep!

an ewe with a ponytail :)!

I just realized the other day that we have 2 does due in about 5-6 weeks! Yay! They are both Nubians. Prissy is bred to Wyatt, a Mini Nubian buck. And Baby (grade Nubian) is bred to Ace, the Boer.

Baby is HUGE though! This picture doesn't show it all too well, but she is huge.

This is Berry, our Nigerian Dwarf buck. I think he gets the award for being the "Fattest Goat"!

We are finally getting produce from the garden! We've picked 12 cucumbers between yesterday and today, and tons of jalepenios already. Praise the Lord!




Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

I thought our Nubian, Mary Ann was the last kidding goat in America! She had beautiful bucks yesterday! I know she's happy since it's so hot right now in Maryland. I hope Baby can find a cool spot to settle in.

Patient Acres said...

Hello Again :)
I noticed your "kid counter" on the right side of your blog and was wondering if you've had any more kids since March??

This year is only our 2nd. year in goats and we've had 6 kids so far this year. It's sweet to have babies running around the yard!!

Good Goats said...

No, we have not had any babies since March. The "kid counter" on the right is correct ;).

Congrats on the babies, they are great!